You are currently viewing 10 Popular ideas of Hyderabad escorts that nails it   

10 Popular ideas of Hyderabad escorts that nails it   

Hyderabad escorts, the top and hottest intimate service provider are the famous and most-loved babes of the city making them the busiest also. The girls’ vivacity, beauty and techniques have set the benchmark in the quality of services through most importantly the techniques applied by them. Our clients make sure to experience these styles of intimacy by default as they are mind-blowing and highly impactful. 

 Check out some of the most loved techniques of our Top escorts in Hyderabad. Make sure you do not miss any of them as it is your loss from being deprived of the most sensuous and hot styles of intimacies. 

 1 – Act as per fantasies – 

     Hyderabad escort may ask you about your intimate fantasies since fulfilling them would confirm the best experience for clients. This includes playing any role, performing strip tease acts or any other foreplay like chocolate or honey dip sex. So, if your fantasies bucket list is left with any unfulfilled intimate act, it is the right time and our Hyderabad escorts are a surefire companion to experience them.

2 . Talk naughty and dirty 

  Sometimes few words can turn on or stimulate a client more than a foreplay act. It is not the use of slang words, dirty talks could be a few whispers or few gestures to initiate foreplay.  Watch out for our girls’ command over naughty talks which are often too wetting andstimulating.

 3. Opt for a massage 

 Massage is the finest and the most effective form of foreplay act which at times is used as foreplay by our escorts and sometimes for heavenly release. You can opt for both in two different sessions and have a sensual massage on your body or private part. Tantric massage, body-to-body rubs, sensual massage, genital rubs etc are some of the most effective and popular messaging techniques. Decide what you want and communicate with our escorts.]

 4 – Kiss less sex – 

 This is a challenge put forth by our escort and has made our clients go crazy. Kiss is the first thing that we start on initiating sex. The challenge is to restrain you from kissing and our babes have added spice to the intimacy with techniques like these. In this case, the role of hands, fingers, and body increases and this is what makes it more fun to have intimacy.

5- Hot and cold foreplay fun – 

   How about an ice cube sensation on the back or neck portion? Have you experienced it? You must go for the stunning companions whose hot wax foreplay is equally famous. This hot pleasure will be equally stimulating and would give ultimate glee to you at the time you wish. Hire the Hyderabad girls and have the ultimate foreplay experience. 

 6 Romantic tang 

 Hyderabad escorts are loved for giving romantic time as they know the nerve to press to create a romantic ambience and feel during the meet. Hypnotic fragrance, light music, dim or soothing light or candle around and a cosy dance, what else one could ask for? This may seem to be common but remember it is something to go for to get light to the core. Pole, lap or strip tease dance is what the world is crazy for and if you haven’t yet enjoyed it, you are missing the orthodox yet most pleasing style of foreplay. Just go for it with the hottest females.

8. Go for out of the blue idea 

 This is abrupt, wild, surprising and the most popular. The secret element of what an escort is going to start with actually adds fun to intimacy. Usually what the client asks for is intimacy first and after that sleeping together. You can think otherwise and try on new like having intimacy just before saying goodbye and prior is having just fun. You always have intimacy in the bed, check out the places in your room where our escort can give you intimate fun.\

 9. Roleplay  

 Be a king and let our escort be your massaging queen, slave or lover.  

Try on multiple role-play techniques like a fetish professor and student, maid and master, wicket cat and mouse etc. This is how you can add spice to your intimate life.

10- Sexting – sexy talking 

  How about sending messages to each other? Don’t you think it will be more fun with sending flirty sex to each other while being face to face or in a room? This act is a popular part of the foreplay techniques of our escorts and a must for yourself. 

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